Nitro is available to approved females now. DNA is... atat bb Dd ee kyky ns. (Choc and tan covered in cream carries blue, no brindle carries one copy of pied.) He is only 22 pounds. 
4 panel health cleared 
Negative Brucellosis test
He can create:
💜Lilac and tan carrying cream
💜Lilac and tan platinum
🍫Choc and tan carrying cream, blue and tan
🍫Choc and tan carrying blue covered in cream
💙Blue and Tan carrying choc and cream
💙Blue and tan covered in cream carrying choc.
The possibities are endless. 
🌈Create your very own rainbow litter with Nitro! 
Nitro has an AMAZING personality very sweet and submissive to all other dogs, males and females alike, great with kids, cats and all people. One of the sweetest boys you will ever meet.
🏆Nitro has CH lines, it is difficult to find rare colors with CH lines. 
Nitro's 5 Gen pedigree include Shrinkabulls, Little Monster, Russkoi Skazki, Utopia and Curly's. This boy will make some incredible babies. 
All tests, semen count and pedigree available to serious parties.
✈️Will send Semen world wide. We deal with a Repro Specialist and they are available 7 days a week so we are able to send semen any day that you need us to!

For more info call me Libby Heaver 207-465-3052 or PM. FEEL FREE TO SHARE!

Mr. Ice Man “Nitro”

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